Fraud alert

To protect yourself from fraud please follow these simple safety precautions:
  • All exchanges are performed only through orders placed on our website (
    We never send payment details through email or other contact methods like messengers (e.g. Telegram, Skype etc.). All payment details (including account numbers, recipients' details) are provided on your order page only. All requests to change order details can only be accepted via the internal message system on your order page. Contacts specified on the "Contact us" page are used for general questions only.

  • Be extremely wary of websites/persons offering you to get rich quick.
    If you intend to fund a 3rd party e-currency account or your own account with a view to pay to 3rd parties for goods/services or with a view to participate in an Internet project you must be sure who you are paying to. Please remember that Perfect Money, Advanced Cash, Payeer and cryptocurrency payments are irreversible and you will not be able to get your money back after a payment is done.

  • We never send any attachments or links which redirect to anywhere besides our domain (
    Never open suspicious links/attachments even if they look genuine. Make sure your computer has up-to-date anti-virus software and it is set to the highest level of security and monitoring to prevent malware issues.

  • If our so-called "representatives" contact you with all sorts of dubious suggestions - just ignore or blacklist them.
    If someone writes to you on our behalf by using similar contact details and you aren't sure if this is the real representative or not - please contact us by using an alternative communication method from our Contact us page to clear the issue up.