User Agreement

1. Definitions

1.1. is an international provider of electronic currency and cryptocurrency exchange services which operates via its website (hereinafter referred to as “”, “the Service”).

1.2. Website is the Service’s official website:

1.3. E-currency (electronic currency) is a currency which is stored and transmitted in electronic form over the Internet via a technical device (like a personal computer or a smartphone). E-currency in circulation operates as a pre-paid bearer instrument. E-currency can be bought with real money and is used for internet payments for goods/services.

1.4. Customer is any individual or company that intends to use to perform a financial operation of purchasing, withdrawal or exchange electronic currency.

1.5. Payment is the transfer of money (either fiat money or e-currency) from one party ( or the Customer) to another with intention to buy, sell or exchange e-currency.

1.6. Order is the request by the Customer to to buy, sell or exchange an e-currency listed on the Website. The Order is created by the Customer on Website by filling required information, accepting the Agreement and submitting the form with appropriate details.

1.7. Verification is a set of procedures which are carried out by specialists in order to check if the Customer performing payments on the Service is actually the person he claims to be.

1.8. Payment system is an instrument created to perform financial transactions between parties by mutual agreement. Payment systems include instant money transfers, e-currencies, bank transfers or credit cards.

2. General provisions and basic principles

2.1. This agreement is the public offer and sets forth the terms and conditions for use of The Customer must carefully read and accept this Agreement before using the Service.

2.2. This Agreement also includes an Anti-Money Laundering Policy (which is available at any time at and a Privacy Policy: (which is available at any time at which are incorporated in this Agreement by the above-mentioned links.

2.3. This agreement supersedes any prior agreements in relation to the subject matter of this Agreement. The most current version of the Agreement can be reviewed at any time at

2.4. The Customer accepts this Agreement by clicking on the “I accept User Agreement” checkbox field when creating the Order.

2.5. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions of the Agreement, please do not click on the "I accept User Agreement" checkbox field and it results in the impossibility to create an Order on the Website. Using our Service means total and unconditional acceptance of all the terms and conditions defined in this public offer.

3. Subject of the Agreement

3.1. provides the following services: buying an e-currency from its Customers for fiat money in automatic and semiautomatic mode, selling an e-currency to its Customers for fiat money in automatic and semiautomatic mode and exchange one e-currency to another in automatic and semiautomatic mode by using its software and hardware system.

3.2. The customer undertakes to pay the rendered services in accordance with current fees of the Service.

4. Services rendering procedure

4.1. All exchanges are performed through placing the Order on the Website only.

4.2. Since the Service is not a party to the agreement between the Customer and the Payment system he uses, assumes no responsibility for any misuse of the appropriate Payment system. All the relationships between the Customer and the Payment system he uses are regulated by the Customer’s local legislation and by the terms and conditions of the Payment system he uses.

4.3. Any use of our services for illegal purposes is strictly prohibited. If we detect any attempt to manipulate our Service or use our Service for illegal purposes, we will hold the Customer's funds while investigating a case.

4.4. The Customer by placing the Order on the Website entrusts to render to the Customer e-currency exchange services according to the Order’s details.

4.5. Exchange rates, the Payment system fee and a commission of the Service are shown in the appropriate section of the Website calculator and fixed at the moment of creating the Order by clicking “Create order” button.

4.6. Due to the high volatility of cryptocurrencies we cannot guarantee you that a cryptocurrency exchange rate that has been fixed at the moment of placing an order will remain unchanged. In order to mitigate the Service's losses the exchange rate may be actualized and recalculated in cases when the rate has significantly changed. This way, the final amount of an order may differ from the initial amount.

4.7. obligates that it shall provide services stipulated in the Agreement after the amount specified at the Order is received by the Service in full.

4.8. Payment obligations of shall be deemed fulfilled when the funds are transferred from the appropriate payment account of

5. Fees and taxation

5.1. Fees of the Service and currency exchange rates are updated in live mode in accordance with the current situation on the market. All current fees and rates are displayed on the Website and are available for viewing.

5.2. The Payment system’s commissions are updated as they are changed by the Payment system.

5.3. has a right to change rates and fees without prior notice.

5.4. does not take responsibility for the Customer in case of any possible tax costs in the use of the Service. The Customer is liable for the payment of taxes in accordance with the tax laws of the Customer’s country of residence.

6. Coming into effect and Agreement validity period

6.1. The Agreement comes into effect at the moment when the Customer successfully places an Order by clicking “Create order” button.

6.2. The terms of the Agreement are the same for all Customers.

6.3. This Agreement is terminated at the moment when the Order is completed by or cancelled by the Customer or automatically after the Order’s validity period has expired.

7. Risks and responsibility

7.1. shall be responsible for the Customer’s funds (either fiat money or e-currency) received as a result of the Payment for the Order.

7.2. shall not be responsible for the impossibility to process Orders due to any reasonable and external reasons that do not depend on, including, but not limited to, defects of equipment, malfunction in communication systems, or force majeure events which include:

  • war;
  • flooding;
  • fire;
  • other circumstances beyond its reasonable control.

7.3. The Customer is solely responsible for protecting his personal computer and network from malware. shall not be responsible for any losses or damages caused by malware that may pre-exist on the Customer’s personal computer or other equipment.

7.4. shall not be responsible for any losses caused by the Customer’s typos, mistakes or omissions which were made while creating the Order and the Service will not be able to return the Payment and refund money to the Customer after the Payment is sent to an account specified at the Order.

7.5. is not responsible for any errors, omissions or delays caused by Payment systems.

7.6. The Customer is fully aware of all the risks associated with the high volatility of the cryptocurrency, and is fully and solely responsible for possible financial losses or damages resulting from changes in the market price of the cryptocurrency when conducting buy, sale or exchange operations with cryptocurrency assets.

8. Other conditions

8.1. reserves the right to modify or revise this Agreement at any time without prior notice to the Customer.

8.2. reserves the right to hold the Customer’s funds without the Customer’s consent but with notice to the Customer if has concerns regarding the origin or destination of funds or regarding possible fraudulent activity.

8.3. may request to provide documents for Verification of the Customer in case of unusual behaviour of the Customer or in case if concludes that criminal activity may be occurring.

8.4. reserves the right to refuse service to anyone without explanation.

8.5. In case the Customer paid the Order but the Order is not yet completed by, the Payment can be refunded to the Customer on the Customer’s demand after deducting commission of the Service that is reflected in the Order’s details.

9. Settlement of disputes

9.1. Any dispute between and the Customer shall be settled by negotiation.

9.2. If a mutually satisfactory solution between and the Customer cannot be reached by negotiation, then such dispute shall be referred for settlement to court of the Republic of Seychelles.